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Our father, Roger Swedin was born January 9, 1942 in a small town in Minnesota. He is the creator of the Intimidator Pro Polish, formally known as "Micro Diamon Pro Polish". His passion for NASCAR racing, traveling and meeting up with old friends was the catalyst for making the polish to begin with.

The Intimidator polish was born out of the simple need to share a great product with the world he truly loved, the open road! He would go to a truck stop and get on the CB and call out to all the truckers, "Hey all ya chrome junkies out there, how would you like to see a free demo of the best damn polish you will ever find?! Come on over to the truck stop here at mile marker #128, on Highway 2 and interstate 29, the Micro Diamon man is here."

Our dad was very proud of his polish and his success came from his perseverance and belief in his product, wanting everybody who was interested in it to try it out, and often challenging them to find a better product. He traveled all over the United States and stopped at every truck stop, motorcycle and RV dealership that he could find and gave out samples and a demonstration to all those willing to listen.

Our dad went home to be with our LORD in May of 2009. He lost his long battle with prostate cancer. We miss him very much. We can still hear his voice over the telephone from the road, telling us about the “new dealer that he just signed on” or asking us to “ship more cases out to this dealer” or that dealer, but the end is now the beginning. We are proud to carry on the tradition of the manufacture and distribution of the Intimidator Pro Polish. We will continue to do it the way that dad did it, thank you.

We carry on the tradition, one bottle at a time!

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